ugh i missed oversharing on the internet! it's been a few hours already. 

i'm currently sitting in the bath which is something i do quite often. about 3 weeks ago a silver sequin mysteriously appeared in my bathtub. this might not seem out of character but i'm not a sequin gal. i prefer loose glitter or rhinestones personally. anyways i've kept it in since and spend quite a bit of bath time staring down at it. poster child for adhd people's fascination with shiny things 

ANYWAYS here i lie trying to use my dog shit memory brain to recount my week. this was a fun week which i really try to give myself after drop week. not even bc i think i deserve it or anything but u have to take in life and live to make art. doing this many 1of 1's a month can be very creatively draining. so important to give ur subconscious new material or else ur work will lack life. for me giving my subconscious more to work with happens by working with different mediums, being with friends and numbing myself out using different techniques. no pinterest needed folx!

idk which days were which and there's def gaps but here are the highlights 

my bestie and roomate rachel found a gorg west elm purple rug on craigslist and we had to get it. as we are lugging the rug through the streets of bushwick we see no other then local celeb gabby from the club! so exciting! at that point it had been weeks since i've seen the girlies! we yelled at her across the street until she took her airpod out and rejoiced with us! we ended up walking to the station together and taking the same subway. the next night we all went over her wnd her lovely roomates place for dinner. we made half ravioli, half parpadelle with half pesto and half marinara. having a lot of one ingredient is almost a never thing. i reached for the parm and gabby alarmed me by saying it was not hers, but our friend jackson's. jackson sleeps there half the week and not only has his personal cheese, but also extra virgin bertolli olive oil present in the apt, but despite what you are thinking, no jackson is not one of the lovely roomates. what a beautiful italian night!!

no idea what i was doing in between that and the next story. wait jk. i did business stuff, new url coming soon, working on promoting the market, paying out vendors, packaging orders.. ya know. boring. i also ordered stickers from alibaba bc i can get over double the amount made in china vs usa and bc it's not manual labor i don't feel bad breaking my usual business code ethics. u either die a hero or live to become ur enemy and im still debating on what path right for for me.

then by whatever night was next i went to the club with gabby from the club and like 13 other cool people that are for sure gay. non derogatory. fun night. i wore a bedazzled pink bikini top, a black tutu, little corset detail tights and the star of the show a victorian rufff collar. aesthetically i lie perfectly between marie antoinette, french royalty, and snooki, breakout star of jersey shore. i love antiques and ruffles and bows but i'm also jersey italian trash who loves to look like shit, go to the beach and tan using olive oil.

a few days before i started the daily breakdown for this blog, me bestie, bae and bae's besties, went to the beach! sm fun great day i love swimming in the ocean sm the lifeguards always yell at me. they don't understand passion. anyways bc i'm jersey italian trash i tan with olive oil and bae told me that if i do that he won't touch me the whole day bc he value his skin and it'll clog his pores. i was like are u mf kidding me??? but i saw him wash his face after eating pesto only hours later so ig it checks out. 

after club day me and bae got out work for the day done early and went to domino park which was lovely and got dinner. very nice to do something during the day considering both of us don't have 9-5's which means we work 24/7.

next day i had a bead party which meant like 8 of my friends coming over to make jewelry! last time i had one it was my 7th bday party and the girls from school made fun of me for it after. i didn't even take to heart bc i knew those mfs had a great ass time!! favorite thing about bushwick is not only can i invite friends over for beading night and they are excited but, they also bring their own beads and other fun things like lavender blunts and barbie shoes. greatful that all the best people i invite over happen to also live 10 mins away. 

was supposed to get my hand tatted the following day but that morning my artist texted me saying he forgot it's his bday and has to reschedule. prolly for the better considering i have to see my dad this week. he has a buisness meeting near by so it's kinda obligation but whatever makes him feel like he's putting effort into our relationship. funny how after years of me telling him to see someone it only took a month of me moving out to find a therapist. i guess that means i'm retired of my eldest daughter duties. backpedaling for a minute before i get 2 emo 4 anyways i'll save the tattoo for the next blog bc like i said earlier it's been a while since i over shared and i feel itchy. 

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