i'm a few days post drop and i finally feel like a person today. no matter how early i try to start my collection so it doesn't end in a manic bender situation it always does!!

i want y'all to know this whole collection + editing, photographing, listing and market place stuff was done in only 2 weeks. i try yo start earlier in the month but it never works! always something in my personal life

fuks that up. this time being a hospital stint as mentioned in last blog. this lead to 10 days where i only slept around 3-4 hours on average. 

that being said i made by best work yet! and 22 of them. new art direction folx. words

are out, organza draping is in. this new creative development happened on the night before my last drop. it's 3 am and i'm  finishing my last piece. my last freehand embroidery needle snaps. the thought of buying more made me wanna cut off my fingers so words no more!! also.. the knock offs are kinda getting to me so i had to formulate something not formulaic. 

during my last week before drops, the people in my life genuinely get concerned about me lmao. i'm a maniac! a mad scientist if the science is reworks for the maturing egirl phasing out of mall goth fashion. i cope with this by romantising it, listening to swan lake on vinyl about 12 times a day, smoking copious amounts of weed and taking multiple hour long baths and chain smoking menthols. insanely expensive matcha smoothies that are 4 sure not in my weekly food budget are currently my lifeline. i make them with spinach, soy milk, protein powder, hemp seeds, cashews and the star of the show is $28 ceremonial grade matcha that i borrow from food bazaar. 

basically i become a complete agoraphobic hermit. i didn't see anyone besides bae and my lovely roomate for over 2 weeks!! all worth it. da drop is fire even tho i have my black swan moments daily 

i LOVE to have an outlet to go insane on. i limit my insanity in other aspects of my life to keep me stable so going absolutely haywire for a week def keeps me in line. corny and loserish but my passion is really bigger than my mind and body and i push myself to my absolute limit to ensure i'm progressing as an artist every single drop. 

i toss and turn at night with images of edge stitched lace at night. i have multiple 3rd degree burns from melted polyester and a huge one on my ass from my iron bc i do all my work in a totally skitzo manner on the floor usually naked. 

new segment. what's in what's out in izzy's world.

-partying is out, workaholism is in

-striped leg warmers OUT

-film cameras out, 2007 handheld point shoot cameras, in

- drinking is out, drugs and or sobriety is in

-get EVERYTHING from either craigslist or a stoop not limited to ur own street or borough

-ruff collars are in

-selling substances to pay for ur own substance is, IN

-gold jewelry has been out 

-wallpaper is now in

-typing furiously on ur notes app on public transport is in

-lacey bloomers are in and hopefully replace biker shorts by next summer 

-masks are back in unfortunately. was hoping to leave them in last season

-it was kinda chilly last night so that means hot girl summer is almost out

-bush on the nose is out

-smudged makeup from the night before is in 

-being the only person on the dance floor while men literally pull up chairs to watch is both in and out

-slip dresses for the beach are in (lightweight, sand shakes out and they dry easily) + u look like a 60’s housewife. very mysterious yet sexy

-louis vuitton and any other chuegy monogram is out 

-the word chuegy is in

-after trying vegan cheese again for the first time in 3 years it's def in

-only seeing friends when u run into them in the streets is officially out!!

-skipping the club to do crafts is in

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